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How do I ship to a Canadian address?

When you want to place an order that is shipping to a Canadian address, you can not get a quote via the shipping calculator like you would be able to do when shipping to a U.S. address. The shipping calculator does not recognize Canadian zip codes. Therefore, to get a quote on shipping before placing the order you would go through the checkout process as regular. The only difference is in the country you choose in the first step of the checkout process under customer information. Right under where it asks for a zip code there is a drop down menu for country. By this drop down you choose Canada if you are shipping to Canada and then it will let you populate any additional information that is needed to ship to a Canadian address. Would you then click next and proceed to the following step, which is step 2. Once you are at step 2 it will show you all of your shipping options and costs that you can choose from. If you are confused at any point of have any questions that you need addressed please do not hesitate to ask our live chat representatives during operational hours.


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